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Freaky Easter Bunnies

24 April 2011

Easter BunnySome really scary Easter Bunnies (thanks Andy).

Billy Meets Derren

22 April 2011

Billy Meets DerrenWe were lucky enough to meet Derren Brown after seeing Svengali this week. He was a gent, and really nice with Billy. He also signed my copy of Pure Effect. Excellent evening all round.

Doctor Who Crochet

12 April 2011

Some brilliant crochet Doctor Who stuff


11 April 2011

Chew-bach-erIt's Chew-bach-er

Minecraft Pickaxe

13 March 2011

Billy has created a Minecraft pickaxe out of lego.I like it.minecraft pickaxe

Make a switch just like Bruce Wayne

20 February 2011

LightswitchRemember how Bruce Wayne would lift the bust of Shakespeare to reveal the switch to the Batcave!I always wanted one of these when watching on Saturday afternoon, and now I can have one of my own.

Shouldn't He Have Seen It Coming?

09 February 2011

Joe Power Unforseen [Courtesy of Bjorn]

Zombie or Supermodel?

03 January 2011

Zombie or Supermodel?Handy guide to distinguishing zombies from supermodels.

There's a New Kid on the Blog

03 January 2011

yellowlaserOutstanding new blog by someone I know: yellowlaser

Channel RW

03 January 2011

Public video from channel RoysWorld


Christmas Ornaments

29 December 2010

GalagaPacmanJust discovered these two fantastic retro Christmas tree decorations to hang on your tree. Only available in the US as far as I can see, but UK readers may be interested in getting them from eBay.

Lego Space Invader

12 December 2010

Lego Space InvaderBilly made this Lego Space Invader tile. I think it's pretty cool, and it got me thinking.What if I replaced the tiles in the bathroom with Lego baseplates? The kids could then decorate the bathroom with Lego art. We could construct shelves to store shampoo and soap, and it would be an ever changing landscape. The opportunities are endless, and we certainly have enough Lego to do it.Genius or lunacy? I'm still undecided.

Making Things Fast

10 December 2010

Really great talk by Leila Johnston that I was fortunate to witness at OGN. Made me think a lot about the things I create on the internet, and how to approach what I do next.If you want to get a copy of the newspaper "Hackers" she refers to in the talk, you can get a copy here

My Office In Narnia

08 December 2010

My Office In NarniaA view of the cottage where I work in Narnia.

A Simple Plan

04 December 2010

A Simple PlanI promise not to post any more tshirts, but I couldn't help mentioning <a href="this one.. See also: Sanders The Great

Medium Difficulty

22 November 2010

Medium DifficultyFantastic spiritualist and pacman tshirt courtesy of <a href="threadless. See also: Sanders The Great

Calm Down

18 November 2010

Calm Down

Halloween Pumpkins 2010

02 November 2010

Here are this years pumpkins:Billy's Space Invader pumpkin:Space Invader PumpkinAnnie's googly eyed pumpkin:Googly PumpkinFreddie's cross eyed pumpkin:Cross Eyes Pumpkin


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