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Alex Lewis: The Boy Who Lived

23 July 2011

Alex and Ali Last night Paula and I watched the documentary on Alex Lewis broadcast this week: "Alex: A Life Fast Forward".

To be brutally honest, I was uncertain as to whether I should watch it, as I get upset by these kind of shows and sometimes think they can be a bit exploitative. I knew about Alex and his story, as he and his family live in our small village, and village news is spread very easily. We don't know the Lewis' personally, but everyone knows everyone in Brightwell at some level, and with Andy being such a prominent member of our community the family are familiar to us.

I don't normally write about serious topics on my humble blog, but having watched the documentary and being so moved and inspired by it I just needed to say a few things.

Watching the programme was a strange experience. It intertwined the story of Alex's life with aspects of my own. As we passed through 2010 we realised we too had been at many of the events shown: the fireworks on bonfire night, the snowman by the village Christmas tree. This brought home the reality of the situation.

I can say so many things, but the one thing that will stay with me for ever was Alex's attitude to life. Despite knowing his condition was incurable, he lived his life so positively, never complaining about his situation. He crammed in as many of life's experiences into what time he had. His wonderful wife Ali is also an inspiration: so strong for one so young.

Please, please watch this documentary. It's available on iplayer here, and if you feel moved by it consider visiting the Bone Cancer Research Trust site or posting a comment on the Alex Lewis Memorial Site.

I never met you Alex, but the next time I'm in the Red Lion I will be drinking a pint in tribute to your life.


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