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14 January 2012

I've been having a bit of trouble with this blog.

Firstly I was finding wordpress a sledge hammer with which to crack this little nut. Then I had a problem when upgrading to the latest version that resulted in downtime. All things considered I felt that with the New Year should come a new change, and here it is.

So what's the difference I hear you cry (yes both of you)? Well from your point of view, hopefully not a lot. From my viewpoint I've ditched wordpress, and converted to using jekyll. In just a couple of nights hacking I've converted all my old posts to markdown and come up with a much simpler css for the site. Yes there are a few more pieces to sort out (wot no twitter), but the process of blogging is much simpler. Roysworld should far easier for me to maintain, and all the posts are now under source control.

Oh and Happy New Year.


Hello. My name is Roy. I live in rural Oxfordshire.

This is my blog. I write about things that interest me, make me laugh or that I want to remember.